The Ultimate Guide to Zoella’s Camera Gear: Unleash Your Inner Vlogging Superstar

What Camera Zoella Uses – Zoella’s Camera of Choice

Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg, is a well-known YouTube sensation, vlogger, and entrepreneur. With millions of subscribers and a massive online following, many aspiring photographers and vloggers are curious about the camera she uses to capture her content.

So, what camera does Zoella use?

The answer: Zoella has been known to use the Canon EOS 80D for her vlogs and photography needs. Let’s look at the Canon EOS 80D and why it’s a popular choice among content creators.

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Canon EOS 80D: Key Features and Benefits

The Canon EOS 80D is a versatile and user-friendly DSLR camera that offers a range of features suitable for both photography and videography. Some of its standout features include:

1. Impressive Image Quality

The Canon EOS 80D features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, providing high-quality images with excellent detail and color accuracy.

2. Advanced Autofocus System

The camera boasts a 45-point all-cross-type autofocus (AF) system, which ensures fast and accurate focus even in challenging conditions. This feature is particularly useful for vloggers who must maintain focus while moving or capturing action.

3. Flip-Out Touchscreen

The Canon EOS 80D features a 3.0-inch vari-angle LCD touchscreen, allowing for easy navigation and control of settings. This feature is also helpful for vloggers, as the flip-out screen enables them to monitor the frame while recording.

4. High-Quality Video

The camera can capture Full HD 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second (fps), providing smooth and high-quality footage for vlogs and other video projects.

5. Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

The EOS 80D has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, allowing for easy transfer of images and videos to a smartphone or tablet and remote control of the camera.

While the Canon EOS 80D is a solid choice for content creators like Zoella, other cameras on the market also offer a range of features suitable for vlogging and photography. Let’s compare the EOS 80D to some popular alternatives.

Camera ModelSensorAutofocus PointsVideo ResolutionPrice Range
Canon EOS 80D24.2MP APS-C45Full HD 1080p$800-$1,000
Sony A640024.2MP APS-C4254K UHD$900-$1,100
Nikon D750020.9MP APS-C514K UHD$900-$1,500
Panasonic GH520.3MP Micro 4/32254K UHD$1,300-$2,100

As you can see, each of these cameras offers unique features and price points. When choosing a camera, you must consider your specific needs and preferences as a photographer or vlogger.

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Zoella’s Other Gear: Lenses, Microphones, and More

While the camera body is an essential aspect of Zoella’s setup, other gear also plays a crucial role in her content creation. Let’s explore additional equipment she uses to capture stunning visuals and crisp audio.


A great lens can make a world of difference in photography and videography. Zoella has been known to use the following lenses with her Canon EOS 80D:

  1. Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM: This wide-angle zoom lens is perfect for vlogging, capturing a broader field of view, and adding depth to the scene.
  2. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM: Also known as the “nifty fifty,” this prime lens offers excellent low-light performance and a shallow depth of field for beautiful bokeh effects.


Good audio quality is vital for vloggers, and Zoella uses the Rode VideoMic Pro to ensure her videos have clear and crisp sound. This compact shotgun microphone mounts directly onto the camera’s hot shoe and significantly improves the built-in microphone.

Tripods and Stabilization

Stable footage is essential for a professional-looking video, and Zoella uses a variety of tripods and stabilizers to achieve this. Some of her preferred gear include:

  1. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod: This small and lightweight tripod is perfect for on-the-go vlogging, providing a stable base for the Canon EOS 80D.
  2. Joby GorillaPod: The flexible and versatile GorillaPod can be used as a tripod or wrapped around objects for unique shooting angles.

Tips for Emulating Zoella’s Photography and Vlogging Style

While having the right gear is essential, the secret to Zoella’s success is her photography and vlogging style. Here are some tips to help you emulate her approach:

  1. Tell a Story: Zoella’s vlogs often follow a narrative, making her videos more engaging and entertaining. Focus on telling a story through your content to keep your audience hooked.
  2. Be Authentic: One of the reasons Zoella has such a loyal following is her authenticity. Be genuine to yourself, and your audience will appreciate your honesty.
  3. Use Natural Light: Zoella often shoots in natural light, giving her photos and videos a bright and airy feel. Utilize natural light whenever possible to create a similar aesthetic.
  4. Experiment with Angles: Zoella isn’t afraid to try different angles in her vlogs, making her content visually dynamic. Experiment with various perspectives to keep your videos fresh and interesting.


Zoella’s choice of the Canon EOS 80D and her selection of lenses, microphones, and other gear plays a significant role in her content creation. By understanding her equipment and emulating her photography and vlogging style, you can improve your skills and achieve similar success.

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